Hello, and welcome to DevRegistrar.org.

Our mission is to bring trust and integrity to the ever-increasing popularity of online developers.

We aim to provide a global network registry of highly skilled, trusted and known developers, who want to prove the legitimacy of their work through quality verification methods.

With new projects, the high risk of defrauding consumers increases, it has attracted many dishonest and deceitful people, whose aim is to create fraudulent online projects unbeknown to consumers.

Gaining an investors trust is crucial to the survival of any legitimate coin or project and by registering at Devregistrar.org is your first step in building a trustworthy brand with certification.

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All developers who wish to have a certified badge linked to the blockchain for security and be registered at the register.dev website.

This badge is your security is you want to remain anonymous, when you sign up you are issued a security script to add to your websites with the badge and anyone clicking on that badge will see you are registered

Where the developer can have future clients to check the register showing them that they are a registered,

A client can also search the registry bank for any type of developer who he wishes to employ, all they will see is country, Name, and the developer's speciality, from where they may click on the email box and send an email to you requesting you to contact them for work. (they do not see your email address).

At all times the privacy of the developer is our major concern, there is nowhere a developer can be identified on this website or any other website we own.

We are creating a large registry of known and trusted developers, who want to prove the legitimacy of their coins and projects.

Many new coins and projects are being created every day. Unfortunately, with the increased popularity, it has attracted many dishonest and deceitful people, who create fraudulent coins and projects, with the sole purpose of scamming investors.

Doing so will help you restore trust and integrity to the cryptocurrency landscape. Gaining an investors trust is crucial to the survival of any legitimate coin or project.

As in everywhere else of devregistrar.org websites, all information collected from the developers will remain private, and all information is stored in a secured, offline database.

There is no way one can get your information as once registered your Badge is your I.D. when one clicks on your badge on the website it takes them to the register.dev website where they will see your registry, but nothing on you.

This way you have all reasons to be and feel safe from any unreasonable person, but if you do not use this service then we could say that the coin you made is a scam and you the developer is out to make a quick dollar, your coin will not be registered.

We are trying to have exchanges partner up with devregistrar and try to obtain a discounted rate for you, as a registered developer.

If you click (Here) for the full list of developers listing. If your title is there, then you are able to register, if you see a title not there can you please let us know.