No. Registering is completely free.
The reason the registration is free is that developers will have no excuse to not register and prove legitimacy to their projects.
Information is gathered, including, but not limited to, photos of Drivers License, Passport, Country ID and an amenity bill with current address. Once all information is submitted, you will be contacted to schedule a date and time for a live video conference call to complete the verification process.
All information provided is stored in an encrypted, secure, offline server.
All personal information is kept private. No personal information is presented to or given to anyone. All personal information is kept on a secure, offline server.

The developer will lose their certification and will be blacklisted from ever gaining registration again from DevRegistrar.org.

If any government issues us a warrant to obtain a developers information as a result of a scam, or fraudulent act, we will contact that developer before releasing the information. The developer has 3 days in which to respond to us. After 3 days, we will hand over any/all requested information to the authorities.

Yes. Any developer that is blacklisted will not be able to re-register. Their information will be kept on file, and they will not be able to use the same information. In addition, the live video conference verifies that the developer is who they say they are, based on physical examination of the photo documents supplied by them during the registration process.
Yes, all developers who sign up are covered under strict privacy laws, and stored on a secure, offline server.
Yes. When you fill out the form to list all the information on your coin in DevRegister.org, this information is automatically sent to CoinRegistrar.net.
The badge is your personal proof of verification/registration with DevRegistrar.org. The badge can be displayed on your website and other social media to show your investors that you have been registered with DevRegistrar.org.
Each developer on your project that registers with DevRegistrar.org can be added to your coin listing as Stars. If your project has 6 developers running the coin/project, a star will be added for each of your registered developers on your team.
Yes. You may report that you want a developer removed to the DevRegistrar.org Admin, who will then remove a developer Star from your coin listing.
CoinRegistrar.net is a site where investors can come and see a list of coins and projects developers have registered with DevRegistrar.org. The developer can upload the coin's/project's information/details for all potential investors to see. Not only does this give investors more faith in your coin, but it allows potential investors to see the coin and research it.

You must report to the DevRegistrar.org Admin with the reasons why you want to abandon the coin. The coin will be added to the "To Be Delisted" list for one week to allow the investors to see that the coin is being deactivated.

Once the delisting request is excepted by the DevRegistrar.org Admin, the developer will remain registered and will be able to continue as a registered developer for other coins.

This is a list of coins that are scheduled to be delisted from CoinRegistrar.net, per the request of the developer, or if a coin is found to be fraudulent. Coins will remain on the list for 1 week, to allow the investors to see that the coin is being deactivated.

Yes, a developer may take over an old coin. The new developer taking over a project must contact the DevRegistration.org Admin and inform him. Contact will then be made with the current developer of the project to ensure the takeover is legitimate.

Once the original developer agrees to the takeover, the old developer will be removed from the coin listing, and the new developer will be added.

You will need to create new accounts, and provide us with the new links to those pages. We will then update the coin listing with the new information.
At no time will the login information be handed out to an unregistered developer, or any other registered developer. We will gladly accept a new developers registration if they want to register at Devregistrar.org.